RNR Koi Terms & Conditions - Please Read

Our business is evolving and we have put our Policies for purchasing, for shipping, and for holding Koi in printed form, so that our customers can be informed before they purchase fish.


We want to keep our customers happy, and we are always ready to help customers as much as possible. Our Koi facility is designed for retail and wholesale sales, and not intended for long-term holding, and we have found it necessary for our customers to read our Customer Purchasing Policy.

By purchasing Koi from rnrkoi.com, Customer acknowledges the following:

RNR Koi quarantines and treats retail fish for parasites, unless otherwise notified. Treatments are designed to eradicate parasites, but at times it is possible for parasites to remain on the treated fish. RNR Koi recommends that Customers quarantine, and scrape & scope their purchases. If a fish dies within 24 hours of receipt or pick up, Customer must photograph the dead fish and send the photo to RNR Koi along with a description of what happened. We will replace the fish at our expense. The Customer is responsible for shipping costs via airlines from airport of their choice using the following airlines: Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines, unless otherwise notified in writing by RNR Koi. Some small airports may not be able to receive air freight of live fish from the airlines, so the Customer may have to pick up their shipment at a larger airport. Airline shipments will be sent freight collect, and Customer will pay for shipment cost when they pick up their shipment, unless otherwise arranged in writing. The Customer must pick up the shipment within 2 hours of the flight arrival. Customer may request shipment via UPS Next Day Air, however RNR Koi assumes no responsibility for the shipment, or the condition in which the fish arrive. UPS will not insure our live fish shipments. When picking up their fish at the airlines, the Customer must inspect the shipment thoroughly before signing and accepting the shipment. If there is any damage to the fish or the shipping container, the damage must be reported to and acknowledged in writing by the airlines before signing and receiving the shipment. The Customer must notify RNR Koi of any problems right away.

RNR Koi has the right to consider fish abandoned if Customer does not adhere to this Agreement.