Aquascape Fire and Water Basalt Column Torch (MPN 58101)


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Enhance the Aquascape Basalt Columns with the mesmerizing and therapeutic effects of fire and water. This innovative Fire and Water Basalt Column Torch installs quickly and easily into the top of any existing or new Aquascape Basalt Column. An impressive torch-style flame illuminates the night as the water cascades dramatically down the stone columns.

Each torch includes water tubing and a rubber gas line. The extremely durable brass torches are built to last, providing years of enjoyment.

    • Simple way to add fire to Aquascape Basalt Columns (not included)
    • Simple design eliminates guesswork
    • Designed for use with the Aquascape Match-Lit Flame Control System (sold separately)
    • Includes gas and water tubing
    • For use with propane or natural gas
    • Durable, 11,000 BTU, brass torch
    • Torch shroud provides a consistent and stable flame
    • ½ inch barbed connection make water plumbing simple
    • ¼ inch flared gas connection for easy setup ¼ inch rubber gas hose
    • ½ inch silicone water tubing with ¾ inch silicone adapter piece

Product Instructions : Aquascape Fire and Water Basalt Column Torch