Aquascape EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump (MPN 45051)


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The EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump features a 3-phase motor, ideal for water feature applications requiring high flow with high efficiency in a non-submersible style pump. This pump’s oil-free, low RPM, fan-cooled motor provided quite operation and a long life. The EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump does not include an electrical cord. The junction box on the pump motor allows for 115V or 230V electric to be customized on site to meet each project’s electrical requirements.

All EXT-3P (3-phase motors) can be used with an optional variable frequency drive. A variable frequency drive (VFD) is a controller that varies the voltage and frequency (hertz) of the pumps motor allowing you the ability to control the pumps water flow rate.  The VFD can be used to schedule the pump to slow down during certain hours of the day to conserve electricity and speed up during other hours, such as after work or on the weekends when a larger flow over the waterfalls is desired.  It can also be configured to slowly ramp up pump speed helping to reduce stress on the plumbing fittings during when the pump is starting up.

Aquascape has made it easy to simplify the plumbing with the EXT Pump Plumbing Kit (#48027) sold separately.


    • Oil-free, low RPM, motor provides quiet operation and a long life
    • Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled Motor (TEFC)
    • Junction box located on pump motor allows 115V or 230V electric to be customized on site
    • 3″ – 4 bolt flanged Inlet
    • 2″ – 4 bolt flanged discharge
    • Semi-closed vane impeller provides efficient water flow and can pass spherical solids up to .75″ in diameter

Product data sheet : EXT 12000-3P Pond Pump
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