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End cap for use with Large Centipede Module #29065 and Half Centipede Module #29066. End Cap Dimensions: 12.5″L x 1.5″W x 11″H  


The Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault Extension is used to extend the Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault and is ideal for systems using deeper basins or larger pumps. The extension measures 27.5″ tall and 14″ wide. Features: Extends Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault Ideal for systems with deeper basins or larger pumps Product information: Aquascape Large Snorkel® Vault [...]


The Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall Vault is the ideal pump vault for use in Pondless® Waterfalls, rainwater harvesting systems, and more. The vault is designed to integrate with Aquascape AquaBlox®, effectively protecting pumps while making installation quick, precise, and simple. Its durable, rotationally molded, rounded polyethylene shape maximizes structural strength, while its large interior fits a [...]


The Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall Vault Extension increases the height of the Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall Vault for applications with larger pumps or using the AquaBlox® Large Water Storage Modules. The extension is designed to slide directly onto the Pondless® Waterfall Vault. Its durable, rotationally molded, rounded, polyethylene shape maximizes the structural strength of the extension. The [...]