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This set comes complete with one sign rack that holds one header card- Header card is made of durable Coroplast material, which can handle the high-humidity situations that come with a garden center environment- The sign rack is designed not only to display signage, but to disguise the view of the filters and prevent valuable [...]


Features: 160-gallon capacity. Durable, double-walled polyethylene construction. Bright blue color, allowing fish to be viewed easily. Built in backflush and drain line. Includes: 1000 GPH magnetic drive pump. Upflow filter containing filter pads and BioBalls(tm). Compressor and air diffuser. Hinged aluminum framed protective net Owners manual including step-by-step guide for successfully retailing fish Installation DVD. [...]


Used for the treatments of fungus and external protozoan parasites, including freshwater/saltwater ich, costia, and trichodinella. It is important to treat immediately after noticing the first signs of fungus or a parasite problem on your pond fish. Common symptoms include white, green, or gray cottony looking patches, fish quickly rubbing or flashing against surfaces within [...]


The Aquascape Heavy Duty Pond Skimmer Net with Extendable Handle is a durable pond net designed for general maintenance and handling pond fish. The soft, coarse mesh prevents damage to fish fins and scales. The durable, heavy duty construction net allows for removal of large amounts of debris, significantly cutting down on maintenance. A protective [...]