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Pond Supplies

AquaMeds Eliminate™


Eliminate™ is a powerful broad spectrum fish treatment; acting against fungus, bacteria and a wide range of parasites including Chilodonella, Costia and Trichodina. In addition to being an effective anti-parasite treatment, potassium permanganate can help with bacterial gill disease and skin ulcers. It will also oxidize organic matter and improve water quality and clarity. Directions: [...]


Aqua Meds® Extract of Barley is the all-natural way to keep pond water clear. Extract of Barley provides the same benefits of barley straw but without the mess of pellets or bales. Enzymes derived from the natural barley fermentation process help promote a healthy and naturally clear pond. Mix with pond water then apply it [...]


Concentrated Chlorine Remover Instantly Removes Chlorine and Chloramine in Fresh Water Ponds Simple dosing of 1 oz per 1,000 gallons Super concentrated formula Use with EVERY addition of city or chlorinated water 100% Phosphate Free Safe for pets, aquatic life, and humans Proudly made in the USA 16 oz Treats – 16,000 gal 32 oz [...]


Aeromonas and Pseudomonas are a deadly bacteria that live in every koi fish pond, causing life-threatening bacterial infections such as ulcers, fin rot, tail rot and more. These deadly bacteria attack koi and garden pond fish when they are stressed, causing many thousands of fish deaths each year. Aqua MedZyme™ bacteria reduce the deadly bacteria [...]


Copper Free – Professional Strength. Digests and treats organic debris. Plus, Organic Control™ improves and stabilizes pond water quality Benefits include: Digests unwanted organic debris Removes hydrogen sulfide and odors Breaks down organic debris Reduces excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic matter and enhances filtration Safe for fish, plants, wildlife, pets and pond keepers [...]


Beneficial pond bacteria keep your pond clean and your koi and garden pond fish healthy all season Just one easy treatment every other week of Pond Support will keep your pond clear, your koi and garden pond fish healthy and growing fast. The beneficial pond bacteria and carbonates will improve the performance of your filter, [...]


An excellent summer conditioner for your filter and pond. Just one easy treatment every other week is all it takes! Here’s what Summer Blend™ can do for your Filter, Pond, and Fish Summer Blend™ will improve the efficiency of your filter, regardless of its size, by aiding in reducing the heavy Bio-load during the summer [...]

Pond Supplies

AquaMeds Terminate™


Specially formulated treatment for salt resistant parasites and fungal disease! Aqua Meds is proud to introduce TERMINATE to our Aqua Meds line of quality koi pond products. Strains of salt-resistant koi pond parasites, like costia and trichodina are becoming more common every day. TERMINATE is specially formulated to treat these tough salt resistant parasites. TERMINATE [...]


Aquascape Pond Foam Free safely eliminates foam in water features, helping to maintain the beauty of your fountain. Excessive foam typically occurs as a result of a buildup of organics. Aquascape Pond Foam Free is specially formulated to help keep water clear of foam and the treatment is non-toxic, making it safe for birds, fish, [...]


Aquascape’s AquaBlox Water Matrix are designed to replace up to 90% of the gravel traditionally used in the reservoir of Pondless Waterfalls applications. The AquaBlox Water Matrix can also be used to replace the lower layer of 4-6 inch boulders in the bottom of Snorkel Vault and Centipede Module Wetland filter applications. Features: Over 3 [...]