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Copper Free – Professional Strength. Digests and treats organic debris. Plus, Organic Control™ improves and stabilizes pond water quality Benefits include: Digests unwanted organic debris Removes hydrogen sulfide and odors Breaks down organic debris Reduces excessive nutrient content that contributes to organic matter and enhances filtration Safe for fish, plants, wildlife, pets and pond keepers [...]


Beneficial pond bacteria keep your pond clean and your koi and garden pond fish healthy all season Just one easy treatment every other week of Pond Support will keep your pond clear, your koi and garden pond fish healthy and growing fast. The beneficial pond bacteria and carbonates will improve the performance of your filter, [...]


An excellent summer conditioner for your filter and pond. Just one easy treatment every other week is all it takes! Here’s what Summer Blend™ can do for your Filter, Pond, and Fish Summer Blend™ will improve the efficiency of your filter, regardless of its size, by aiding in reducing the heavy Bio-load during the summer [...]

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AquaMeds Terminate™


Specially formulated treatment for salt resistant parasites and fungal disease! Aqua Meds is proud to introduce TERMINATE to our Aqua Meds line of quality koi pond products. Strains of salt-resistant koi pond parasites, like costia and trichodina are becoming more common every day. TERMINATE is specially formulated to treat these tough salt resistant parasites. TERMINATE [...]